Hatfield Gun Company

              In American gun making the Hatfield roots run deep. As the West began to open after the American Revolution some of the clan left Fort Hatfield in what is now West Virginia and settled in the Indian Territory that became the western most part of Missouri. As a frontier gunsmith it was here that Able Hatfield made his first Kentucky style long rifle which remains in the Hatfield family to this day.

              In modern times the Hatfield name gained notoriety again when the family started manufacturing a Kentucky style flintlock rifle similar to the original, which quickly gained a following due to its beautiful lines and unsurpassed accuracy.

              This tradition of manufacturing high quality firearms eventually evolved into producing fine shotguns that incorporated the beautiful walnut, casehardening and rust blueing previously found on only hand-built custom guns. This expertise did not go unnoticed and soon other companies such as Smith & Wesson, Kimber and Savage Arms Company were contracting Hatfield to build shotguns for them. Hatfield guns have been awarded “Best Shotgun” on three different occasions by national magazines, which is not surprising given the quality standard for which Hatfield has always strived.

              Founded on this commitment to quality, today’s Hatfield shotguns incorporate the same attention to detail and pride of craftsmanship that old Able put into the very first Hatfield firearm.  We’re proud to be the Hatfield Gun Company and we’re continuing the tradition.




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